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The 11th Province

Canadian Party of Quebec to examine the possible creation of an 11th province

Steps being taken

The Canadian Party of Quebec has established a Preparatory Committee for the Creation of an Eleventh Province to look into the feasibility of partitioning Quebec into portions more Canadian-minded.

Why an 11th Province?

Recent Quebec government attacks on Anglo minority institutions, the abrogation of Canadian fundamental rights and freedoms, including the egregious pre-emptive use of the Notwithstanding Clause – with the complicity of the federal government – and constitutional instability as justifications for the creation of an eleventh province.

What are the benefits of an 11th province?

“The region’s bilingual and multi-faceted cultural heritage, and its educational leadership deserve the same preservation and defense afforded the French language and culture,” said the party’s Keith Henderson. “There are also clear economic advantages, rendering the new province a net contributor to equalization payments, not a net recipient.”


An eleventh province, says Henderson, would ensure respect for citizens’ rights, reduce the stress and anxiety of repeated nationalist initiatives, and guarantee citizens their Canadian identities.

Grow our Vision

Donate today in order to support an inclusive, economic and resilient new province of our great confederation of provinces. 

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