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Riddle-me this

By Myrtis Fossey Co-Leader

MONTREAL, QUEBEC – “Riddle-me this…

What do Cegep student enrolment numbers have to do with the so-called decline of French in Quebec?

The answer according to the CAQ…

The more students enroll in English Cegeps, the more French will decline.

According to Roberge, the recently confirmed reduction in student enrollment in English Cegeps is a victory for French protection.

I’m not sure in what universe Roberge is living, but to me, any reduction in student enrolment in higher education in Quebec seems more like a complete failure in the educational attainment of our youth than a success to be proud of.

Indeed, capping access to English postsecondary education is not something to be celebrated, unless one wishes to say that rejoicing over systemic discrimination is a good idea. Let’s stop lying to ourselves about what capping access to higher education really means. Let’s not drink the Kool-Aid. Capping access to postsecondary educational attainment hurts everyone in society, full stop.

The CAQ missed the lesson in statistics 101 where we are taught the difference between correlation and causation. Fewer citizens educated in English doesn’t mean more Francophone citizens, it just means fewer highly educated citizens. What is particularly distressing is that Quebec is already leading the pack in high-school drop-out rates, now we will be leading the pack in lower educational access and attainment rates.

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